First Advisory Board


First CTCN Advisory Board Meeting

May 14, 2013

May 15, 2013

UN City
Marmorvej 51
2100 Copenhagen Ø


The First Advisory Board Meeting of the CTCN, held on 14 and 15 May 2013 in Copenhagen, Denmark, was an important step to complete the so-called operationalisation of the UNFCCC Technology Mechanism. The Advisory Board provides strategic direction and advice to the CTCN and reports to the UNFCCC COP.

What was achieved during the meeting?

  • The Chair and Vice-Chair were agreed. Griffin Thompson of the United States will serve as Chair and Fred Onduri of Uganda as Vice-Chair.
  • The Advisory Board's Rules of Procedure were discussed and the Chair and Vice-Chair authorized to finalize them before the deadline of 23 May.
  • An outline was agreed for a report by the Advisory Board to the UNFCCC Subsidiary Bodies at their June 2013 meeting.
  • Mark Radka of UNEP gave a summary of the activities taken to date and CTCN finances.
  • A brainstorm on criteria for prioritization of requests for CTCN assistance was held.
  • Main elements of the CTCN programme of work for 2013 were presented by UNEP and discussed by the Advisory Board.
  • The next meeting of the CTCN Advisory Board was proposed to be conducted back-to-back with the7th meeting of the Technology Executive Committee in September. The agenda is expected to contain the following items: finalization of the CTCN modalities and procedures, approval of the criteria for prioritization of requests, approval of the criteria for the Network, and the joint TEC CTCN report to COP19.