What is the Network

Technical assistance

The Climate Technology Centre facilitates the transfer of technologies by fostering collaboration among climate technology stakeholders through its Network of regional and sectoral experts from academia, the private sector, and public and research institutions. Network members can engage and collaborate with NDEs in a number of important ways:

  • Actively exchanging information, experiences, and best practices
  • Providing expertise via training and capacity building activities
  • Participating in workshops, trainings and networking events
  • Providing solutions to developing country technical assistance requests through a competitive bidding process 
  • Exchanging information and providing experts for webinars, e-learning courses and other types of trainings through the CTCN Knowledge Management System (KMS).

Membership Benefits

  • Participate in UNFCCC activities aimed at achieving global climate change and technology transfer goals
  • Connect with other Network members and expand partnership opportunities through private and public sector stakeholders
  • Promote your organization’s tools and capacity building resources more broadly through the CTCN Knowledge Management System (KMS)
  • Participate in bidding to offer solutions to country requests
  • Increase your global recognition and showcase your organization’s experience and success stories

Technical assistance projects – response to country requests (response projects)

In implementing response projects, sourcing will be done individually for each response project with specific technical criteria and Terms of Reference. Members who consider themselves capable of delivering the specified technical requirements will be encouraged to submit proposals. Proposals will be assessed on a merit basis against technical criteria as per the United Nations procurement standards, taking into consideration the nature of each request and the technical capacity and regional expertise of the Network member. Where necessary and appropriate, more than one member can collaborate to submit a proposal jointly for a specific response project, provided that all collaborating entities are members of the CTN and that their membership is valid at the time of submitting the proposal.

The CTN must cover a broad range of technologies and regions so as to allow the CTC to source its technical and advisory services through the CTN members. In exceptional cases where there is no expertise within the CTN for a specific service, technology or region, the CTC may collaborate with non-members for the duration of the specific response project, provided that such entity fulfills the membership criteria and commits to the mission of the CTCN.

Outreach and networking activities

To scale up the efforts of the CTCN, the CTC will collaborate with other international and regional organizations in ongoing capacity building activities as part of its outreach exercise. The Network members are encouraged to engage in networking activities to strengthen networks, partnerships and capacity building for climate technology transfer.