Who can join

Network members

The CTN will include all NDEs nominated by Parties. In addition, the CTC welcomes as its members all capable entities that can actively participate in activities to serve the functions of the CTCN. Such entities may include, but are not limited to: research and academic institutions; intergovernmental, international, and regional or sector organizations; partnerships or initiatives; financial, non- governmental, private and public sector organizations. Given the diversity of technologies, sectors and the regions that are involved, participation of a broad range of institutions with various technical and regional expertises is anticipated to ensure efficient and effective delivery of technical assistance.

Criteria for membership

All members need to:

  1. Have one of the following institutional structures: national technology centre or institution; regional climate technology centre or network; intergovernmental, international, regional or sector organization, partnership or initiative that contributes to technology deployment and transfer; or research, academic, financial, non- governmental, private sector or public sector organization, partnership or initiative. NDEs are de facto members of the CTN.
  2. Have a demonstrated capability in initiatives aimed at development, transfer and deployment of climate technologies applicable for developing countries including expertise in policy, capacity building and/or investment.
  3. Have demonstrated operational and organizational stability, as evidenced by financial, human and other resources relative to their mandate and size that could reasonably be deemed sufficient to deliver the organization’s mandate.
  4. Not have any pending judicial processes or past convictions for malpractice and/or fraud; and
  5. Pledge and comply with the CTN code of Conduct