Information and knowledge

Technical assistance

The Knowledge Management System (KMS) of the CTCN provides a broad range of knowledge resources that can accelerate the understanding and transfer of climate technologies. The helpdesk of the KMS is accessible to all users for any questions or difficulties they can encounter while navigating and using the KMS. The KMS is accessible online by all organizations and individuals interested in learning or sharing information on climate technologies.

KMS users can access three main types of information:

  • - Resource database: the resources database provides access to various types of high quality documents, curated by the CTCN Consortium, including:
    •   - Brochures, fact sheets and briefs
    •   - Dataset and maps
    •   - Reports
    •   - Tools
    •   - Training curriculum and programs
    •   - Materials related to CTCN technical assistance
  • - Training modules: the trainings that will be progressively available will include online trainings, live webinars, etc.
  • - Community of practice platform: the platform allows stakeholders to share and discuss information of particular interest for their peer.

Below are a few indicative examples of the type of resources that may eventually be found in the KMS:

  • Live webinar on how to reduce technology risks in wind energy projects.
  • Final report of CTCN assistance to introduce biomass gasifiers in dairy industry supply chain.
  • Academic program on clean public transportation.
  • Project-planning tool that help design activities for climate adaptation.
  • Compilation of best practices on erosion control through tree planting.
  • Projection map of climatically suitable habitat for tree species based on global warming projections.
  • Case study on the introduction of low cost drip irrigation techniques in rural areas.