Network and collaboration

Technical assistance

The CTCN creates various networking opportunities for stakeholders involved in climate technologies that encourage and facilitate initial contact, collaboration and partnerships among various actors. The CTCN provides access to an international network of individual experts and organizations, to identify possible partners for collaboration and potential funders across a wide range of public and private organizations worldwide that have common interests and are working toward similar objectives.

These opportunities are provided through various events such as:

  • - International and regional forums
  • - Workshops for public-private partnerships
  • - Peer learning events

Below are a few indicative examples of the type of activities the CTCN may support for encouraging networking and collaboration:

  • International forum on high efficiency appliance standards and labelling.
  • Regional forum of National Designated Entities to exchange experiences on barriers and opportunities for the deployment of climate technologies.
  • Matchmaking workshop involving public and private entities on geothermal technology.
  • Professional south-south exchange program on systems to improve climate-sensitive diseases surveillance and control.