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Sustainable Energy Finance Initiative (SEFI)


SEFI is the UNEP Sustainable Energy Finance Initiative - a platform providing financiers with the tools, support, and global network needed to conceive and manage investments in the complex and rapidly changing marketplace for clean energy technologies. SEFI's goal is to foster investment in sustainable energy projects by providing up-to-date investor information, facilitating deal origination, developing partnerships, and creating the momentum needed to shift sustainable energy from the margins of energy supply to the mainstream.

The scope of SEFI includes renewable energy and energy efficiency investments in both developed and developing countries, including climate change and carbon trading activities related to sustainable energy. With the goal of fostering overall investment in the sustainable energy sector, SEFI's main focus is to facilitate networks.

To facilitate and develop networks, SEFI:

  • Brings financiers and developers together to facilitate the deal origination and project capitalisation process to share best practice on sustainable energy finance and to promote overall investment in the sustainable energy sector;
  • Builds credibility in the finance sector and within financial institutions for investment in sustainable energy; and
  • Helps financiers create common platforms on sustainable energy finance, such as investment forums.

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