Building resilience
to climate change
Moving towards
low carbon societies
Reducing Emissions
from Deforestation
and forest Degradation
New finance models
for the green economy

Loan Programmes

North African MEDREP SHW Loan Programmes

The key objectives of MedREP are to investigate different options for increasing finance flows to renewable energy companies and projects in target countries, and to help structure various support mechanisms that help lenders and investors scale up financing to this clean energy sector

Indian Solar PV Loan Programme

The aim of this effort is to help Canara bank and Syndicate bank develop lending portfolios specifically targeted at financing solar home systems (SHS)

Brazil, China, and India- Lending for Energy Efficiency

UNEP and the UNEP Risoe Centre on Energy and Environment have started an effort with the World Bank's Energy Efficiency and Environment Thematic Group to conduct in country investigations and preparation of a proposal for a larger project that would help the countries overcome barriers hindering loans for energy efficiency