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4th Workshop on the Environment

29-30 September 2004 - Rome (Italy)

About the 4th workshop

On 29 and 30 September 2004 over 70 persons from Export Credit Agencies, finance institutions, renewable energy companies (including industry associations), and NGOs gathered for the 4th UNEP Workshop on the Environment, which was hosted by the Italian ECA SACE, in Rome.

Day one was largely devoted to an exchange of views and experience on transparency of decision-making processes and sustainability reporting by ECAs. Participants discussed the practicability and modalities of ex ante and ex post reporting and how best to manage consultation with relevant stakeholders. Day one concluded with presentations and additional discussion on the current status of ECA support for renewable energy and other environmentally friendly technologies, including possible changes to the OECD Arrangements governing Export Credits and Credit Guarantees.

Day two focused on presentations and small group discussions on measures that would help ECAs provide increased support for renewable energy projects, including new products that would support investment in renewable energy and other environmentally friendly technologies. Discussions in part built on work of a multi-stakeholder working group that met in the lead up to the International Conference for Renewable Energies, Bonn June 2004. This group had produced an Executive Briefing: Making it Happen: Renewable Energy Finance and the Role of Export Credit Agencies.

Workshop Conclusion

At the workshop conclusion, UNEP summarized five areas for possible action by ECAs and their partners:

  • Review the Japan Bank for International Cooperation's model of ex ante public consultation and consider adopting a similar approach
  • Explore new mechanisms and metrics to report on their activities in the area of Sustainable Development, either in general or focusing on the environment and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Promote greater awareness within the renewable energy industry about ECA products and services, working with associations and national trade promotion agencies
  • Examine and commit to date collection on renewable energy exports supported (or not) by ECAs
  • Examine in greater detail than possible today how existing ECA products and services can be adapted and applied to carbon finance as a new, growing, and sometimes puzzling component of project finance.

UNEP committed to keeping the annual workshop as a useful means of exchanging information and experience amongst a diverse group. UNEP will conduct an informal survey to determine what topics or issues are of particular interest and, with an ECA partner, organize the next workshop around these topics.

Workshop Presentations and Related Material

Day One

Day Two