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The 1st Consultation Meeting

Selected members of the stakeholder group were invited to the first consultation meeting held in Paris on 20-21 February 2006.

The participants discussed and validated the background study (PDF - 1,17 MB) focusing on RE risk management instruments for developing countries, agreed to establish the three Working Groups (WGs) and decided on the next steps for the WG research activities.

The meeting also aimed to serve as a forum for knowledge exchange among various risk management specialists and RE industry representatives both from the public and private sectors, and OECD and GEF eligible countries. This inclusive approach should facilitate the process of development of new risk management instruments/ structures for RE projects in developing countries.

List of participants (PDF - 13 KB)

Agenda and presentations

The Working Groups (WGs) below are mandated to assess risk management instruments and approaches to identify and recommend promising modalities of such instruments to be applied in GEF eligible countries. The recommended instruments (1-2 per WG) will be further examined as feasibility study cases.

Each working group consists of task leaders, representatives from financial institutions and relevant RE industry as well as consultant(s). External experts will be engaged wherever possible and necessary.

With inputs from the working groups' members, the task leaders have coordinated the finalization of the Terms of Reference (ToR) for consultant(s) to be hired under each WG. The TORs were reviewed by the advisory group (consisting of representatives from UNEP, WB, UNDP, GEF STAP, BASE, and the WG task leaders) and steering committee (consisting of representatives from UNEP, WB, GEF and STAP).

Specific research activities of respective WGs and task leaders are as follows: