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UNEP roundtable on Financial risk management

Monday 13 and Tuesday 14 October 2008

Venue: International Energy Agency and UNEP DTIE office, Paris, France

The objective of the Roundtable was to initiate a dialogue with an opportunity for public and private representatives to examine together in an open forum how to best develop and promote adequate financial risk management mechanisms for renewable energy technologies.

Renewable Energy Technologies (RET) constitute a rapidly growing market in both developed and developing countries. This roundtable enhanced the understanding of the market potential in developing countries and the need for appropriate financial risk management solutions, the role of both the private and public sectors in creating a stable environment for growth, the different products and approaches that have been supported by UNEP, the strategies for educating about efficient financial risk management in renewable energy projects and the private-public partnerships approaches that can be developed to support the deployment of financial risk management instruments.

Accordingly, discussions will center around several themes structured by five panels, four on the first day, Monday 13 October, and one last session on the second day, Tuesday 14 October.