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Assessment of Financial Risk Management Instruments for Renewable Energy Projects in Developing Countries

Latest News

Renewable Energy Insurance Online Training now available

UNEP Roundtable on Financial Risk Management for RE projects, 13 & 14 October 2008- Executive Summary

PARIS RE, MARSH, UNEP and the GEF develop an innovative weather derivative model for wind farms - PRESS RELEASE (PDF- 65KB) [download in French-( PDF 86 KB)]

Project Status Notes

Status Note n°4- October 2008 (PDF - 552 KB)

Status Note n°3- September 2008 (PDF- 400 KB)

Status Note n°2- March 2008 (PDF - 2,1 MB)

Status Note n°1- July 2007 (PDF - 710 KB)

Objective of the Project

This UNEP/GEF targeted research project aims to catalyse new thinking in the risk management area, examining existing instruments and approaches and suggesting potential modalities for new instruments that could be developed in partnership with private and public sector financial institutions. The project is being implemented in cooperation with the private sector and other GEF Implementing Agencies- the World Bank, UNDP.

The ultimate goal of the effort is to bring about a faster and more systematic deployment of RE by supporting and positively influencing the development of markets for RE risk management instruments/ approaches.