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District Heating Co-Generation Plant in Eastern Europe

($38,000 advisory support for $1,000,000 total investment)


Advising a European commercial bank on a proposed energy efficiency investment in the Eastern Europe (district heating upgrade). This investment is part of a pipeline of projects being prepared in development of a carbon investment fund.


Project sponsor operates a central heating source for hot water supply to 321 dwellings, and various government offices. Presently, brown coal is combusted in boilers with LHV of 15,039 MJ/kg. The project consists of conversion of the coal boilers to gas and installation of a cogeneration plant for combined heat and power production. UNEP is cost-sharing with the bank the incremental aspects of investment evaluation, specifically in the areas of technology assessment, economic and social review, environmental assessment, and is both cost-sharing and providing in-kind expertise in the area of JI assessment (provided by Mac Callaway from UNEP's Collaborating Centre on Energy and Environment).



Project evaluation completed December 2000.