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Solar and Wind Energy Resource Assessment (SWERA)

SWERARenewable sources of energy - solar and wind in particular - can meet several times the world's present and future energy demands. In well-endowed regions renewable energy could become an export commodity. Achieving this dual development-and-environment dividend is the cornerstone of UNEP's Solar and Wind Energy Resource Assessment programme.

The programme has championed several application tools for resource assessment data, which ultimately translate these data into information that supports investment decisions. Coupled with its clean energy finance programme, the Solar and Wind Energy Resource Assessment programme puts UNEP's efforts at the forefront of related initiatives aimed at bolstering the deployment of renewable energy.

The United Nations Environment Programme continues to facilitate the development of renewable energy resource assessment studies in several developing countries. In the near future it may:

  • Work with development aid agencies to make resource assessment a part of any renewable energy project they fund;
  • Work with project financiers to develop analytical tools that better respond to their needs;
  • Work with industry, R&D groups and policy-makers to develop quality standards of some sort;
  • Work with relevant groups to determine which additional technologies (i.e. other than solar and wind) are mature enough when it comes to resource assessment techniques

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