Community Protocols for ABS

Traditional Knowledge Commons

The TK Commons is a community of TK holders and others who are willing to abide by the terms of the Commons set by the TK holders. The TK Commons requires communities of TK holders to develop in accordance with their values the terms and conditions for non-commercial access to their TK. These terms and conditions, in the form a license, need to be complied with by non-commercial users of TK such as students, non-profits, academic researchers and archivists.

The general characteristics of the licenses include:

  • The use of the knowledge takes place only on the terms of the license. Any person using the knowledge is therefore taken to have agreed to be bound by the license.
  • The licensee will not use the TK in a manner that is inconsistent with the stated terms and conditions in the license.
  • Any subsequent non-commercial users of the TK or developments based on it who access it from the licensee will also have to comply with the terms of the license.
  • All licensees must provide enduring recognition of the source of the TK.
  • Any change in licensed use of the TK would require explicit permission from the holders of the TK.
  • The licensee will not use the TK in any manner that would cause harm to the environment
  • The license requires that subsequent users of the knowledge comply with the license

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