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Côte Sud Initiative

Launched in January 2011, the Côte Sud Initiative (CSI) is the most ambitious initiative to date supporting the sustainable recovery and development of south-western Haiti.

The CSI's 20-year vision is to improve the livelihoods of more than 200,000 people in Haiti's South Department. This will be achieved through a diverse program which addresses the root causes of extreme poverty, including environmental degradation, vulnerability to natural disasters and limited access to social services.

Environmental restoration efforts will focus on involving local communities in reforestation, erosion control, fisheries management and mangrove rehabilitation. Other activities will target small business and tourism development, access to water and sanitation, and improvements in health and education services.

The CSI area currently covers 10 communes in the South Department, from Tiburon to Saint Jean du Sud, including the small island of Ile à Vache. One major component is a planned Millennium Village in the Port-à-Piment watershed, based on the well-established Millennium Villages Project model.

The CSI partnership

UNEP is among the CSI founding partners. In addition to the organizations listed below, the partnership includes other government ministries in Haiti, the administrations of the 10 communes and more than 30 community-based organizations:

More information

To learn more about the CSI, contact:
Andrew Morton, Manager - Haiti Regeneration Initiative, at
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