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Green Frontiers

Meet the participating Ogoniland schools

Community Primary School, Kwawa
Green Frontiers Club members: 30+

cps_kwawa The school has both nursery and primary school sections, with more than 300 pupils aged from 2 to 10 years old. The Kwawa community is located 10km from Bori, in Khana LGA. Among its Green Frontiers Club activities are school environmental sanitation days.

Community Secondary School, Kpean
Green Frontiers Club members: 80+

Community Secondary School, Kpean Kpean community is one of the major oil producing communities in Ogoniland and is generally referred to as the Yorla field. This is the only government secondary school in the community and it has a total of 950 students. So far the school's Green Frontiers Club has commenced several activities in the school amongst which environmental sanitation, capacity building in the area of drama, debating and spelling bee during club meetings.

Bodo City Primary School 1, Bodo
Green Frontiers Club members: 50+

Bodo City Primary School 1, Bodo Bodo City Primary school is situated in the premises of St Patrick's Catholic Church in Bodo, one of the fastest growing towns in the Gokana LGA. It is a public school and has more than 500 pupils. Among its Green Frontiers Club activities are capacity building in songs, drama and school sanitation.

Government Secondary School, Kpor
Green Frontiers Club members: 90

Government Secondary School, Kpor This Government Secondary School is located in the headquarters of Gokana LGA and, with 1.500 students; it is one of the largest schools in Ogoniland. The school has a junior secondary and senior secondary section. The school's Green Frontiers Club is planning to embark on a community environmental sanitation activity as part of their support and contribution to a clean and healthy community.

Community Primary School 1, Nonwa
Green Frontiers Club members: 50

Community Primary School 1, Nonwa The primary school is situated close to the Police training school and the Nonwa Ultra Modern Market. The school is made up six classroom blocks supported by the Niger Delta Development Commission. It has a pupil population of 200 who are between the ages of 6 to 12 years. So far their activities for the Green Frontiers programme have included spelling competition during club meetings and capacity building in songs and drama.

Tua Tua Community Secondary School Aabue-Korokoro
Green Frontiers Club members: 100+

Tua Tua Community Secondary School Aabue-Korokoro This secondary school is located about 1km from the palace of the King of Ogoniland, HRM G.N.K Gininwa in Tai LGA. The school is centrally located and serves Korokoro and other communities in the Tua-Tua district, including Ueken, Kpite, Koroma, Horo communities. Also among the largest schools in Ogoniland, its student population is close to 2,000, with students aged from 13-25. Its Green Frontiers activities range from environmental sanitation of the school premises to club meetings were they have capacity building sessions in drama and art

Government Secondary School, Onne
Green Frontiers Club members: 150+

Government Secondary School, Onne This secondary school is situated in the outskirts of Onne, in Eleme LGA. It has a student population of around 1500 in the Junior Secondary Section. Among its Green Frontiers Club activities are debating

State School, Ebubu
Green Frontiers Club members: 100

State School, Ebubu Situated in the heart of the Eleme LGA, the school is currently accommodating two primary schools and has more than 480 pupils. This is because the school in Agbeta is under construction so for the time being its students are attending classes at State School, Ebubu. Their enthusiastic response to the Green Frontiers programme includes practice sessions for drama and songs with environmental themes, spelling bee during club meetings and environmental sanitation days to promote clean and healthy environment