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Theme 3 - Improved planning in place to respond to climate change

Altogether, Sierra Leone is expected to lose between USD 600 million and USD 1.1 billion annually in crop revenues by the end of the century if climate change projections materialize. There is a need to improve and enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of disaster management and risk reduction, most particularly in relation to natural hazards – droughts and floods – that will be intensified by climate change. Disaster preparedness is strengthened when informed by the longer-term challenges of climate change and environmental degradation.


UNEP, in close collaboration with UNDP and FAO, is supporting the Meteorological Department to build its capacity through the procurement and installation of six automatic weather stations and two observation data management systems. These will provide important meteorological information for farmers as well as baseline data to understand the evolving impacts of climate change more clearly. In addition UNEP is helping the government of Sierra Leone access new sources of funding for climate change adaptation as well as other environmental priorities through the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) by bringing in experts on environmental funding and helping the government prepare new proposals.