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In 2003/2004 UNEP participated in a Joint Needs Assessment for Liberia, conducted under the guidance of the National Transitional Government of Liberia and the United Nations Development Group. As part of this process, UNEP conducted a Desk Study on the Environment in Liberia. The Desk Study found that the misuse of natural resources was not only a source of conflict and Liberia, but also sustained it. In working towards establishing a strong environmental administration, UNEP conducted the following activities in Liberia:

Environmental institutions and coordination

UNEP worked to raise the environmental awareness of Liberian government officials through consultations and training workshops. In addition, UNEP organized workshops to distribute the Desk Study and collect information on environmental conditions and needs.

Environmental impact assessment

UNEP worked to develop of a national plan to improve institutional capacity in the area of environmental impact assessment.

Environmental dimensions of human displacement

Following a programme of stakeholder consultations and training workshops UNEP published the Environmental Considerations of Human Displacement in Liberia: A Guide for Decision-makers and Practitioners. The Guide contains Liberian case studies, environmental checklists and an overview of international best practice and available tools for environmental management in all phases of displacement. Reference materials from major environmental and humanitarian organizations were collected and distributed in a CD along with the publication. These technical references can be downloaded here.

With the endorsement of the national partner, UNEP’s post-conflict capacity-building programme was brought to a close at end December 2007. Liberia has thus reverted to being serviced remotely by the UNEP Regional Office for Africa (ROA).