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Thirteenth Global Major Groups and Stakeholders Forum (GMGSF-13)

The Thirteenth Session of the Global Major Groups and Stakeholders Forum (GMGSF) will be held from 18-19 February 2012, prior to the 12th Special Session of the UNEP Governing Council (GCSS-12) which will take place from 20-23 February 2012, in Nairobi, Kenya. The name of Global Civil Society Forum has been replaced with GMGSF to be more inclusive of all stakeholders. The objective of the GMGSF is to provide a platform for exchange and consultation on key environmental issues to be addressed by the Member States during the GC/GMEF, and to facilitate Major Groups contribution to the GC/GMEF and other international environmental fora.



Registered Participants:

Select All Organization NameOrganization TypeTitleFirst NameLast NameDesignationCountryStart DateEnd DateStatusAttendAction
The Green Club Non-Governmental Organizations Mr Abraham Wate Managing Director Ethiopia 02/18/2012 02/23/2012 Approved Edit
Volunteers for Sustainable Development Non-Governmental Organizations Mrs Adjoa Owusu-Takyi Director Ghana 02/17/2012 02/19/2012 Pending Edit
Rainwater Association of Somalia (RAAS) Non-Governmental Organizations Dr Ahmed Abdi Executive Director Somalia Pending Edit
Hoadedhdhoo Association for Development Non-Governmental Organizations Mr Ahmed Ameez A.E Director Maldives 02/18/2012 02/20/2012 Pending Edit
Maendeleo ya Jamii na Uhifadhi wa Mazingira Zanzibar (CODECOIZ) Non-Governmental Organizations Mr Alawi Hija Member of Exec. Com United Republic of Tanzania 02/18/2012 02/19/2012 Pending Edit
ENVIRONMENTAL AMBASSADORS FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Non-Governmental Organizations Ms Aleksandra Knez-Milojkovic Co-president Republic of Serbia 08/31/2011 09/02/2011 Approved Edit
Mankind Survival Initiative Farmers Mr ALEXANDER YEBOAH DIRECTOR OF PROGRAMM Ghana Rejected Edit
Norwegian Forum for Environment and Development Non-Governmental Organizations Mr Alf Christian Egge Project Manager Norway 02/18/2012 02/19/2012 Approved Edit
Soroptimist International Women Ms Alice Odingo SI Representative Kenya 02/19/2011 02/20/2011 Approved Edit
SWAP Non-Governmental Organizations Mrs ALICE ENDOVO CHAIRLADY Kenya 02/17/2012 02/20/2012 Pending Edit

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