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DDP Practical Tools

The aim of DDP was improving decision-making, planning and management of dams and their alternatives. Main efforts of the Project focused on the strengthening of policy, legal and regulatory frameworks to ensure that environmental and social issues are duly accounted for in order to attain sustainable outcomes. The following practical non-prescriptive tools to help decision-makers have been developed in accordance with the main objectives of Phase 2.
Inventory of policy/normative frameworks concerning dams planning and management
A database of summary information on existing policies, laws, criteria and guidelines concerning dams’ planning and management that have been adopted or issued by governments and international organizations. It is intended as an information and research tool aiming at decision-makers and managers at country and regional level. Visitors can review the summary contents of the database that is organized according to the 13-stakeholder groups structure adopted by DDP and access more detailed information linking directly to its sources. The site is interactive allowing for users to input information that will be incorporated into the database once cleared by the site moderator.
An information tool for decision-makers and managers providing worldwide examples of integration of key issues concerning the planning and management of dams and their alternatives into national policy/legal/regulatory frameworks and international guidelines. It covers nine issues that were prioritized by the Dams and Development Forum members as key in decision-making on dams and their alternatives. The Compendium provides relevant examples of good practices that may help decision-makers, practitioners and others in finding solution to local problems related to environmental and social impacts of dams.
Experiences and Lessons Learnt Database
A comprehensive information tool aiming at improving dams decision-making, planning and management at local level by enhancing the access to and flow of information on good and relevant practices. This is an interactive online web based system that allows for reviewing the submitted examples and adding others to the database. It is intended that through a partnership approach with other relevant organizations a wide range of similar databases focusing on specific fields dealing with water resources and energy dam related issues, will be made accessible trough this site to worldwide audiences.

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