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Global Diplomacy Training Programme

The Global Training Programme on Environmental Law and Policy is aimed at building capacity of Government officials to develop and implement environmental law and policy in the following areas:

  • To develop and implement international environmental law including in enhancing compliance with and enforcement of multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs);

  • To develop and strengthen national laws, policies and institutions for better environmental management;

  • To enhance capacity for effective participation in the international and regional environmental fora including in conferences and meetings of the Parties and meetings for negotiating new instruments;

  • To enhance access to environmental information through publication and online legal tools and through learning from other countries experiences.

DELC has over the years organized this program after every two years, with a focus on Junior and mid-cadre government officials.

Environmental policies, laws and institutions are the main tools for environmental management. Developing countries and countries with economies in transition still express their need to be trained in environmental law and policy. They also express their need to be assisted to further develop and strengthen their environmental legal and institutional frameworks to enable them implement their national and international obligations effectively and address environmental challenges of this time.

 DELC is mandated to assist developing countries and countries with economies in transition in the development of national environmental laws and institutional frameworks as well as in the development and implementation of multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs). The feedback received so far from participants of previous training programs indicate that the training has enabled countries to develop and strengthen their environmental laws, policies and institutional frameworks.

Indonesia Training

DELC cooperates with the Centre for Education and Training of Indonesia to organize an annual training event to enhance the capacity of junior, middle and senior level Diplomats in environmental diplomacy as part of the Center’s curriculum for attending diplomats from various countries.

Geneva Training

DELC collaborates with the University of Geneva in organizing the Annual Certificate Course of Advanced Studies in Environmental Diplomacy. The course has been held annually from 2006 to 2010.

The course provides an overview of the latest political issues on the international environmental agenda, with practical insights from leading practitioners who share their experience with course participants. Topics covered include the scientific knowledge, political sensitivity and practical negotiating techniques relevant to the development and implementation of both legal and voluntary international agreements. 


The Global Training programme on Environmental Law and Policy

5-13 October 2015, Conference Room 3, Nairobi

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