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Green Customs Initiative

The Green Customs Initiative is an unprecedented partnership of international organisations cooperating to prevent the illegal trade in environmentally-sensitive commodities and facilitation of the legal trade in these. Its objective is to enhance the capacity of customs and other relevant enforcement personnel to monitor and facilitate the legal trade and to detect and prevent illegal trade in environmentally-sensitive commodities covered by the relevant conventions and multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs).


Green Customs Initiative
      • A partnership bringing together the secretariats of six MEAs and five international organisations
      • More than 45 regional, sub-regional and national awareness-raising and training workshops organized
      • Joint training materials including Green Customs Guide, E-learning modules, website, etc, developed
        and disseminated
      • A multi-stakeholder approach which brings very broad experience and expertise developed
      • The role of customs and enforcement in environmental protection highlighted and enhanced

The Green Customs Guide to Multilateral Environmental Agreements

The Green Customs Guide provides information and guidance to Customs and other border control officers to assist in their efforts to monitor and facilitate the legal trade and to detect and prevent the illegal trade in environmentally sensitive commodities such as ozone depleting substances, toxic chemicals, hazardous waste, endangered species and living modified organisms

This Guide explains the Green Customs Initiative and provides an overview of the relevant trade-related treaties and organisations that are included in this Initiative. Information is provided on how trade is regulated and the responsibilities of Customs officers in implementing the various controls are described. Specialised terminololgy is explained and sources of further information and assistance is provided. The Guide is designed to be used as part of a training curriculum for customs officers or as a stand-alone resource.


11th Green Customs Partners Meeting

14-15 April 2016, Geneva, Switzerland