Law Division

Climate Negotiator Workshops

In order to provide adequate scientific and technical support to countries, DELC has since 2007 organized a series of high profile preparatory meetings for the various regional Groupings within the United Nations Framework Convention (UNFCCC) negotiating process. 

The objective of this endeavour is primarily to enable the Groups to effectively formulate their positions on the various thematic agenda items under negotiation, and to develop their negotiating strategies. The UNEP has facilitated this process by providing neutral technical support as and where required, together with the necessary logistical assistance. This has been done in close collaboration with the Secretariat of the UNFCCC. 

The actual implementation of these workshops is done also in close collaboration with UNEP’s Regional offices, namely the Regional Office for Africa, the Latin America and Caribbean as well as the Asia Pacific Office. In support of this process, DELC has also commissioned several studies of a technical nature that support these workshops.

Previous Workshops

Climate Change Legal Preparedness Workshop
25 & 28 November 2013 ; 2-3 December 2013
Bangkok, Thailand

Joint Report for the Preparatory Workshops for Negotiators for the Least Developed Countries Group (LDC), and the Africa Group (AGN)
30 September – 02 October 2013