The World Congress on Justice, Governance and Law for Environmental Sustainability will directly contribute to the Rio+20 Conference on the role of environmental laws within the themes of the ‘Institutional Framework for Sustainable Development’ and ‘Green Economy’. It will also outline the future actions required by national and international legal stakeholders in order to promote the pursuit of sustainable development in the 21st century founded on the rule of law and effective governance. 

Expected Outcome

The World Congress on Justice, Governance and Law for Environmental Sustainability is expected to:

1. Contribute to the principles of sustainable development;

2. Assess the progress made in implementing the outcomes of the key global summits on sustainable development (the Rio ‘Earth Summit’ in 1992 and the WSSD) by focusing on identifying and comparing experiences in strengthening compliance and enforcement of national and international environmental laws; 

3. Convene actors to negotiate recommended actions for meeting sustainability priorities at national and regional levels; 

4. Garner broader and deeper support for more effective environmental governance at national and international levels with the aim of enhancing national implementation and compliance; 

5. Provide technical and political input on the legal dimensions of environmental sustainability and the outcome of Rio+20; and, 

6. Propose outcomes on social justice and equity, including a possible declaration on human rights and sustainable development.

Based on the expected outcomes, the World Congress is intended to lead to the formulation and presentation of an outcome document that will take the form of a Statement of Principles on Justice, Governance and Law for Environmental Sustainability. The outcome document will be presented to the President of Rio+20 and to the Heads of State and other high level representatives at the Rio+20 Conference by the Chair of the World Congress.

Beyond Rio+20, the long term objective of the World Congress is to become an important platform in strengthening environmental laws and governance frameworks for the future implementation of environmental law and policy through the involvement of, and in consultation with, Congress participants and other key stakeholders.

Outcome Documents