Justice Philip Waki, Court of Appeals, Kenya

Justice-Philip-WakiJustice Waki was awarded the Jurist of the Year award for 2008.  He qualified from the University of Nairobi with Bachelor of Laws Degree in 1974 before admission to the Roll of Advocates in 1975.  For twenty years thereafter, he practiced law privately in all Kenyan courts until his appointment as a Puisne Judge of the High court of Kenya in October 1995.  After nine years, in June 2004, he was promoted to the Court of Appeal where he sits currently.  He is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (Kenya).  He has also been appointed as an alternate judge for the Appeals Chamber of the Special Court for Sierra Leone.

Hon.  Judge Waki represents the Court of Appeal in the Kenya Magistrates and Judges Association and the East African Judges and Magistrates Association.  He is a member of the Commonwealth Magistrates & Judges Association in his own right. He was appointed in May 2008 by the National Dialogue and Reconciliation Team, and the President of Kenya, as the Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry into the Post-Election Violence (often referred to as the Waki Commission). He is also the Chairman of the Technical co-ordination committee of the Governance, Justice Law and Order Sector (GJLOS) Programme, a reform initiative of the government and international development partners focusing on the core institutions that affect the administration of Justice.