The impact of climate change is an unprecedented and increasing global threat to life, livelihoods, and life-supporting systems. Even if the most stringent mitigation measures were put in place today, the impacts of climate change would continue for centuries. UNEP focuses on climate change mitigation, adaptation, science and communication. Adaptation involves adjustments in both human and natural systems to better deal with the impacts of climate change before these become unmanageable
as the lead Division within UNEP on climate change adaptation DEPI seeks to:

  • Build key adaptive capacity of developing countries
  • Increase ecosystem resilience and reduce the risk of climate- related disasters and conflicts
  • Mobilize and manage knowledge for adaptation policy and planning

Examples of  activities  include  assessments  of  the  impacts  of climate  change  on  vulnerable ecosystems,  and  integration  of adaptation measures into policy-making and national planning.

DEPI is facilitating an international process for establishing a global climate change adaptation network. The network will mobilise resources at national  and regional  levels  to  enhance capacity of developing countries to monitor and plan long-term adaptation efforts.