The Aberdare Ranges

The Aberdare Range spans the equator west of Nairobi rising over 4 000 m at its highest peak, Oldonyo Lesatima. Its western escarpments drop dramatically toward the Rift Valley. To the east it slopes gradually, carrying water into the Tana River and to the Seven Forks hydropower plants where over half of Kenya’s electricity is generated. On their way into the Tana, the Chania River fl ows into Sasumua Dam and the Thika River into Ndakaini Dam, from which Nairobi’s more than three million people obtain most of their water. The Aberdares also form part of the upper catchments of the Athi, Ewaso Nyiro, and Malewa Rivers.

Reserves protect the forest belt of the Aberdare Range, including Aberdare, Kikuyu Escarpment, Kijabe Hill, Kipipiri, and Nyamweru and 760 km2 of the forest falls under the protection of Aberdare National Park. The forests cover over 250 000 ha. The Range is characterized by a high diversity of forest types due to the wide altitudinal range (1 800 to 3 600 metres) and climatic diff erences between slopes.

** Source: Kenya Atlas    To Download the Kenya Atlas, Click here