Division of Early Warning and Assessment

DEWA in the Regions

DEWA is represented in six regions through its six regional coordination offices namely:

The division's regional programmes coordinate activities to implement the approved programme of work. The regional out-posted offices support the implementation of global and sub-global assessments and undertake national, sub-regional and regional level activities including:

  • Provision of scientifically credible and policy relevant information to support environment and development policy formulation and management at sub-global levels;
  • Integrated environmental assessments (GEO): working with governments and expert centres, undertake integrated environmental assessments at municipal, national, sub-regional, regional and global levels, using the GEO methodology and process developed by UNEP.
  • Data and indicators: In close collaboration with global and regional partners working to generate and harmonize high quality data and indicators addressing gaps in existing knowledge and information.
  • Early warning of emerging threats: Timely identification and assessment of emerging environmental threats that may negatively affect the long-term vulnerability of people, ecosystems and the services they provide.
  • Capacity building and training: Formulate and implement targeted capacity building projects to build institutional capacities of DEWA political and technical partners in the regions and undertake targeted training including: integrated environmental assessments and early warning; and data management.