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Post-Conflict Assessment

UNEP's Post-Conflict & Disaster Management Branch (PCDMB) conducts environmental assessments in areas of the world where the environment is impacted by conflicts and disasters, or where the environment is a factor contributing to conflicts and disaster impacts.

As conflicts and disasters are so closely intertwined with the environment, proper environmental management and governance is essential for long-term peace, stability and security in any conflict - or disaster-prone country.

In West Asia, PCDMB has conducted post-conflict assessments in Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine.


Desk Study on the Environment in Iraq, April 2003 Download

Environment in Iraq: UNEP Progress Report, October 2003 Download

Assessment of Environmental "Hot Spots" in Iraq, November 2005 Download

Iraqi Marshlands Observation System, UNEP Technical Report, December 2006 Download



Lebanon Post-Conflict Environmental Assessment, January 2007 Download



Environmental Assessment of the Areas Disengaged by Israel in the Gaza Strip, March 2006 Download

Desk Study on the Environment in Iraq, April 2003 Download

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