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Capacity Building

The objective of UNEP's regional capacity building programme in West Asia is to support national capacity building in environmental assessment, environmental information management and early warning. It aims to further develop the capacity of people and institutions in the region to undertake, participate and provide training in integrated environmental assessment (IEA), and to build related environmental information systems within a coherent coordinated framework.

This is to be achieved by transferring UNEP's IEA methodology to a network of partner training institutions in the region so that they will have the capacity to provide training and support to countries and sub regional/regional bodies for undertaking environmental assessments. The purpose is to integrate the IEA information into the decision-making and policy frameworks for sustainable development in West Asia, and to assist integrating the regional perspective into the global process.

A further key capacity building concept is the sharing of knowledge and experience amongst countries and environmental assessment practitioners. This can be achieved by the development of websites and CDs providing assessment data, best practices and lessons learned, and by holding regional meetings of partners.

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