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AEO-2 update

AEO-2 progress

AEO-2 progress report

AEO-2 will profile Africa 's environmental resources as an asset for the continent's development. It will highlight the potential of the region's natural resource base to support the development agenda of NEPAD and the opportunity cost of its misuse. It will serve also as a monitoring and evaluation tool for the implementation of the programmes and activities contained in the Action Plan on the Environment Initiative of NEPAD . [AEO-2 Progress]

AEIN Update
AEIN update
The implementation of the Africa Environment Information Network (AEIN) initiative to support the Africa Environment Outlook (AEO) reporting process is now underway with 13 countries fully involved in the pilot phase and the whole region participating in capacity building activities. The goal of AEIN, which is being coordinated by the UNEP Division of Early Warning and Assessment (DEWA), is to enhance accessibility to more reliable environmental data and information at national level for the environmental assessment and reporting in the region. [More details...]

AEO-1 Update booklet

AEO-1 Update

AEO-1 update

The production process of AEO-1 involved the use of innovative participatory approach coupled with integrated environmental assessment methodologies, tools and analyses. The AEO-1 provides a comprehensive, credible environmental information in a way that is relevant to policy making. The AEO-1 has also been designed to provide useful information at a sub-regional level and in specific cases, contains information relevant at a national level.[More details...]