Confirmation of GIWA Regional Boundaries

UNEPGEFUniversity of Kalmar
The GIWA scaling activity, as originally defined (PDF-file, 2.4Mb), may have resulted in changes in the sub-regional boundaries. The changes may be returned to the GIWA Core Team for inclusion in the GIWA global map using one of the methods outlined below.
If you have any questions, please consult with the GIWA Core Team,

Method 1

This method assumes you have software with which you can edit ESRI shape files (e.g. ArcView) and the know-how to do the following:

  1. Download the necessary data sets from GIWA's homepage. The following data files should be installed on your computer (each package is a self extracting zip-file):
  2. Using the methods recommended by your software, edit the geometry of lines in boundaries.shp according to the changes you want to make. Be sure that lines are "snapped" to other lines in the database.
  3. E-mail only your changed boundaries to GIWA Do not e-mail boundaries that were not changed in any way. Compress the resulting data in one file using Winzip or similar software and name it according to your sub-region number. For example, if you are from sub-region 11, name the file

Method 2

This method assumes you don't have any software to edit the attached shape data. Instead, you should draw directly on the map found on our homepage using Microsoft Paint, which is part of Microsoft Windows.

  1. On the web go to This a map with the up-to-date version of the GIWA water regions map.
  2. Right click the map and copy.
  3. Open MS Paint by clicking on the Start button in the bottom left corner of the screen, moving to Programs/accessories and finally to Paint. Paste the copied map into the open page in MS Paint.
  4. Mark borders that should be changed with crosses.
  5. Draw new borders as correctly as possible.
  6. Save the file in MS Paint and mail it to us at

Method 3

Send us a printed map with changed borders drawn manually. The scale of the map should preferably be approximately 1:10,000,000.

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