UNEP GIWA Project Document

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UNEP GIWA Project Document

The UNEP Project Document GF/FP/1100-99-01 comprises the full background to the GIWA initiative and outlines the objectives, work programme, and structure of the Global International Waters Assessment.

  • Document 1
    Background. Objectives. The GIWA Network. The GIWA Project Phases. The GIWA Products. The GIWA Programme Structure.

  • Document 2
    Environmental and socio-economic impacts of water-related major concerns and principal issues. Principal socio-economic root causes. Interactions between major concerns and principal issues. Causal chain analyses for identified water-related major concerns and principal issues. Marine geographical areas and freshwater basins. Preliminary consideration of the regional importance of the major water-related concerns and issues.

  • Document 3
    Project Logframe Matrix. Incremental costs and benefits of GIWA. Timetable for the execution of GIWA. GIWA workplan: summary of GIWA activities, milestones and products.
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