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GIWA invites youth to a project
on Lake Victoria and Baltic Sea
A UNEP-Global International Waters Assessment invites youth to a project for better environmental water conditions in the regions of Lake Victoria and Baltic Sea.
Water plays an important role in achieving social and economic development, as agreed by the United Nations in the Millennium Development Goals. Water is crucial in all efforts to combat poverty and other plaguing problems. Better conditions for the water resources of Lake Victoria and Baltic Sea regions will be of great importance to the children in the countries around them. The two regions have an established network of cooperation.
The GIWA experts assessing Lake Victoria and Baltic Sea have selected the same two priorities: the most severe problems are overfishing and pollution.
UNEP-GIWA has invited young people active in the organisation Globetree to a dialogue with decision makers on the assessment results. Wise decisions based on studies by GIWA, by other UNEP programmes and by different experts are necessary for the next generation along the shores of Lake Victoria and Baltic Sea.
The Globetree group in Kalmar brought the issue of good water to the International Roots Meeting, held in Nairobi, Kenya, 15-20 November, 2004. At this meeting, held under a tree on the UN grounds in Nairobi, children from Sweden, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania discussed questions for the future.
The GIWA Lake Victoria - Baltic Sea project aims to plan activities for actions for the shared waters in dialogues with the young people of Globetree.

Children and youth from Sweden, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania gave voice to the most important issues for the future at the meeting in Nairobi.
Youth from Sweden, Kenya and Uganda present the children's messages to the decision makers.
The Children's meeting place is an acacia tree on the UN grounds in Gigiri, Nairobi.
The high school students from Kalmar Johan Peiper, Hanna Karlsudd and Carl Idermark, here in front of the flags at UN, care for good water conditions in the future.

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