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Gulf of California/Colorado River – GIWA Regional assessment 27

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Global International Waters Assessment
Gulf of California/Colorado River, GIWA Regional assessment 27
University of Kalmar on behalf of United Nations Environment Programme
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November, 2004
Arias, E., Albar, M., Becerra, M., Boone, A., Chia, D., Gao, J., Muñoz, C., Parra, I., Reza, M., Saínz, J. and A. Vargas
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This assessment presents the assessment of the GIWA region 27, which comprises the economically and environmentally important Colorado River Basin. Insufficient water is being allocated for ecosystem maintenance and restoration of the Colrado River Delta, as a result of upstream diversion for intensive use by human activities, particularly irrigated agriculture. The past and present status and future prospects of the region are discussed, and the transboundary issues of freshwater shortage are traced back to their root causes. Policy options have been recommended to address these driving issues and secure water resources for the rehabilitation of the Delta’s ecology and future prosperity of its inhabitants.

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