Capacity Building Support

In line of Plan of Implementation of the World Summit on Sustainable Development. the Beijing Declaration of the GEF Assembly, and calls from global environmental Conventions, the GEF has made capacity buidling a major strategic priority for its third phase (GEF3), across all focal areas. UNEP / GEF takes multiple approachs for enabling capacity building through:

  1. National Capasity Self-Assessments (NCSAs)
  2. CB-2 GEF-5 funding for implementing priority actions identified by the NCSAs  [and here please hyperlink from "CB-2 The Global Environment Facility (GEF) has been replenished with additional financing for the next four years (GEF-5), and an envelope of funds has been set aside to assist countries to implement priority capacity building activities identified in countries’ NCSA. Countries can request up to $1 million from GEF resources (with a 1:1 co-financing requirement), but the actual financing package will depend on the nature of the priorities identified in the NCSA. Countries can request UNEP's assistance in seeking these funds. Tools and methods developed through the NCSA Global Support Programme [and here another hyperlink back to 1. NCSA] should be useful in developing a second generation of projects. In particular, countries should consult the document "Monitoring Guidelines of Capacity Development in GEF Projects" [hyperlink to the document below] in designing new projects. As a first step interested countries should fill out the pre-PIF questionnaire called "CB follow-up template" [hyperlink to the second document] and send it to the Director, GEF Coordination Office, UNEP/GEF along with a letter of expression of interest from the GEF Operational Focal Point in the country.
  3. Enhanced Attention to capacity building in all GEF projects


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