Improved Certification Schemes for Sustainable Tropical Forest Management

Tree nursary for FSC certified forest, Mexico © Erik Goethals / FSC

Project Summary

The aim of this project is to develop the tools and incentives to help small forest managers, communities and NTFP collectors in the tropics to identify and protect biodiversity in the forests they manage (the 'Target Forests') through certification, whilst continuing to meet their own management objectives. The project will take place in three contrasted tropical countries in order to develop and test the tools in a range of situations. The tools will then be disseminated internationally through a series of regional training courses for groups developing and promoting certification standards in at least 10 tropical countries.

FSC:Three new national standards approved

FSC is pleased to announce the formal approval of the national standards for Cameroon, Mexico and Brazil. Each of these standards was produced as part of the Global Environment Fund Small and Low Intensity Managed Forest Project (GEF SLIMF Project).

FSC congratulates Cameroon on the production of its Community Forest Standard. This standard is adapted to the conditions particular to community managed forest in Cameroon. It is intended that this standard will be aligned with the Congo Basin Regional Standards process in due course.

FSC also congratulates Brazil for the production of their SLIMF standard. It will apply to forests across the whole of Brazil which meet the definition of SLIMF in the standard. It is hoped that the SLIMF standard can aid a technical review and revision of the existing standards for Brazil.

Finally, FSC congratulate Mexico for the production of a full national standard, which covers all scales and intensities of forest management in Mexico. Having spent many years developing a national standard, Mexico was able to use the GEF project not only to produce a standard for SLIMF but also to complete their national standards process.

This project was a CIFOR-FSC UNEP/GEF funded project and FSC would like to thank partners for their contributions, both financial and technical. Following a period of closure of minor conditions on the approval, each of these standards became effective as of 1 December 2010.