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GEF Programmatic Approaches led by a UN Agency

  • Background : Programmatic Approaches have been approved by the GEF Council as a separate modality. These require that a collection of individual projects that have a programmatic link and logic , be grouped under one "Programme Development Framework" or PFD, and submitted to the GEF Council for approval. The PFD will include all individual PIFs and PPGs, including LoEs and all other standard requirements. The template for the PFD is available on the GEF or UNEP/GEF websites.
  • Once the PFD is approved, then the Agencies that lead the invididual projects in the PFD have up to 18 months to submit their fully prepared project documents for CEO Endorsement.
  • GEFSec is now allowing UN Lead Agencies of Programmatic Approaches to submit at the same time as the PFD, a "Programme Coordination Budget" (PCB). The template is attached and available now on the website. The PCB can be directly managed/executed by UNEP if it is the Lead Agency.
  • All Agencies involved in a Programmatic Approach will receive only a 9% Agency Fee on the individual projects they are handling (not the regular 10%)

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