Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel of the Global Environment Facility

STAP, in accordance with terms of reference adopted by the Council, shall provide independent, objective, strategic and technical advice on GEF policies, operational strategies, and programs. STAP shall advise the GEF on ways to advance a better understanding of the issues of the global environment and how to address them; provide a forum for integrating expertise on science and technology, including their social, economic and institutional aspects; and function as an important conduit between the GEF and the natural and social science communities and relevant technologists and synthesize, promote and galvanize state of the art contributions from them. STAP shall also promote targeted research policy and projects, review targeted research projects, conduct selective reviews and maintain a roster of experts. In carrying out its role, STAP shall mobilize the scientific and technical communities in support to the GEF objectives and shall interact in a complementary manner with other relevant scientific and technical bodies, particularly with the scientific subsidiary bodies of the GEF related environmental conventions.

STAP’s role in providing strategic advice to the GEF shall be as follows:

  1. Advise on the state of scientific, technical and technological knowledge related to each focal area of the GEF, highlighting policy and operational implications for the GEF.
  2.  Advise on the scientific and technical aspects of specific strategic matters such as cross-cutting issues and the emerging emphasis on the interlinkages between the Conventions; scientific coherence of GEF operational strategies and programs, and their consistency with GEF policies and objectives; and the integration of national and global benefits in GEF interventions.
  3. Advise on research, by identifying targeted research, which would improve the design and implementation of GEF projects, and by reviewing the research work of the Implementing Agencies and the GEF Secretariat. STAP shall promote targeted research in accordance with the procedure for review of targeted research.
  4. Participate in the editorial review board for GEF scientific and technical publications.

In fulfilling its role to provide strategic advice, STAP shall assist in identifying GEF priorities on the basis of a broad understanding of global environment issues and the global perspective of GEF operations in their totality.

STAP Website

The STAP website includes general information about STAP as well as links to the STAP Roster.
In addition information on the activities that STAP engages in such as meetings and workshops is available as well as any documentation related to those activities. to the GEF operations.

STAP Roster of Experts

The Roster contains detailed information on experts selected by the STAP Secretariat.
The roster is a resource that can be used to identify expertise in a particular area.
Information held on each expert includes:

  •     Focal area of expertise.
  •     Professional expertise.
  •     Academic qualifications.
  •     Publications produced.
  •     Languages spoken.
  •     Personal and organizational contacts.

The roster is periodically reviewed to ensure its quality and to analyze its usefulness and effectiveness.