Sudan – UNEP’s largest country-based programme is assisting the people of Sudan to achieve peace, recovery and development on an environmentally sustainable basis.
South Sudan – Waste management and forestry issues are the main areas of UNEP support to this new UN Member State.
Haiti –UNEP’s far-reaching environmental projects now include developing sustainable energy across Haiti and catalyzing the recovery of the once-pristine South Department.
Nigeria – UNEP completed a groundbreaking environmental assessment of oil contamination in Ogoniland and recommended remediation measures.
Afghanistan – UNEP’s focuses on the sustainable development of the country’s rich natural heritage in close partnership with the national government.
Democratic Republic of Congo – UNEP completed a comprehensive post-conflict environmental assessment and now provides support on urgent development issues, such as water management.
Sierra Leone – UNEP provides capacity-building and technical support to the national government on environmental issues that are critical to peacebuilding.
Côte d'Ivoire – UNEP is supporting the government’s efforts to better identify and handle hazardous waste and will undertake a post-conflict environmental assessment in 2013.
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Current Field Activities

UNEP - through its Disasters & Conflicts sub-programme that was started in 1999 - has responded to crises in over 40 countries and territories including the Balkans, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Ukraine, Liberia, Japan, Iraq, China, Lebanon and Rwanda.

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UNEP Disasters and Conflicts Sub-Programme

UNEP's Disasters and Conflicts programme seeks to minimize environmental threats to human well-being from the environmental causes and consequences of conflicts and disasters.

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