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Hassan Partow
Country Programme Manager

UNEP’s work in the DR Congo is a collaborative effort of more than 50 partners including: government ministries and agencies, the UN Country Team and the UN Stabilization Mission in DR Congo (MONUSCO), development partners, international and national NGOs and regional bodies and universities.

Foremost among UNEP’s partners have been environment-related agencies of the Government of the DR Congo – primarily the Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation and Tourism (MENCT) and its provincial environmental coordination offices and the Congolese Wildlife Authority (ICCN).

UNEP also works with a number of national NGOs including : ANEE, Project d’Etude des Effets Envionnmementaux des Conflits Armés en RDC (PéCA- RDC) and Réseau des Ressources Naturelles and Action pour le Développement des Infrastructures en milieu Rural (ADIR).

Finally, UNEP’s work has also been made possible by local and community partners including Congolese - farmers, fishermen, water vendors, artisanal miners and loggers, forestry and park guards, traders and small and large businesses - who opened their doors and shared with UNEP their problems, solutions and dreams.

UNEP’s work has been made possible by the Government of Norway for their generous support.