On 12 January 2010 Haiti was hit by the most powerful earthquake to strike this Caribbean nation in 200 years. More than 220,000 people were killed, 300,000 were injured, and more than one million made homeless. After the quake there were 19 million cubic metres of rubble and debris in the capital, Port-au-Prince, which is enough to fill a line of shipping containers stretching end to end from London to Beirut.

UNEP mobilized a senior team of experts on the ground immediately after the catastrophic earthquake, and engaged in relief and recovery efforts by providing technical assistance and support on environmental matters to the UN Country Team and the national and local governments. UNEP also implemented a range of short to medium term projects, mainly in energy, sanitation, resettlement planning and waste management in camps for Internally Displaced Persons.

UNEP continues to provide key support to the government and the people of Haiti, through its operations on the ground, to address the severe environmental degradation and vulnerability to disasters in the country.