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Matti Lehtonen
Country Programme Manager

The Transnational Programme includes the Haitian components of ongoing transboundary and regional projects:

  • The Frontera Verde Project (launched April 2011) is a joint Haiti-Dominican Republic (DR) transboundary project, funded by the Government of Norway and implemented by the GoH, the Government of the DR, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and UNEP.
  • The Caribbean Biological Corridor (launched 2010) - UNEP is supporting the implementation of this biodiversity conservation/sustainable development tri-national initiative (Haiti-DR-Cuba), while capitalizing on synergies with Frontera Verde.
  • Haiti/Dominican Republic Border Zone Assessment – UNEP is completing a major study to examine the state of the environment and the increasing depletion of natural resources along the border zone of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The project, which involves close cooperation with the governments of both Caribbean nations, is looking at existing and potential sources of transboundary tensions over natural resources and aims to determine opportunities for cooperation.