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Magda Nassef Magda Nassef is UNEP Project Manager for Environment and Livelihoods and works on issues of environmental governance, pastoral livelihoods and markets and trade in Darfur

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UNEP, in partnership with Tufts University, aims to deepen livelihoods analysis in the context of environmental programming in dryland environments marked by protracted crisis. This project focuses on pastoralism as well as on markets and trade.

Pastoralism contributes significantly to Sudan’s national economy and can be a major factor in achieving the sustainable use of natural resources, particularly in the context of climate change and environmental scarcity.

Trade and markets are the lifeblood of the economy in the Darfur region and one of the main ways in which different livelihood groups interact. Normal trading patterns have been severely disrupted by eight years of protracted crisis.

Key project elements include:

  • Promoting in-depth understanding of pastoralist livelihoods among decision makers in Sudan, and strengthening the capacity of pastoralist leaders, professionals and other stakeholders to advocate for pastoralism and its inclusion in national policies, programmes and peace processes. (See Pastoralism in Sudan).
  • Improving monitoring and analysis of trade and markets in Darfur to understand how conflict affects livelihoods. This includes training and mentoring the Darfur Development and Reconstruction Agency (DRA), and through them a network of national CBOs, in quantitative and qualitative market monitoring, as well as undertaking demand-driven action research on livestock and cash crops to help identify how best to support livelihoods, economic recovery and peace-building. (See also Market monitoring in Darfur).

For more information, contact Magda Nassef on magda.nassef@unep.org