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Dr Muawia Shaddad Dr Muawia Shaddad heads the Sudanese Environment Conservation Society (SECS), an environmental NGO with over 100 branches in Sudan and a key UNEP partner

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2012, Sudan –Participation and consultation are key elements of the approaches to environmental governance that UNEP is supporting government in Sudan to promote. In that same spirit the programme is designed in a participatory and consultative way. This report describes the programme rationale, develops a shared problem analysis for environment in Sudan amongst project partners, reviews how different parts of the programme can best inform the other parts and then proposes a strategy for UNEP’s on-going work in Sudan. The report is shared for comment so as to inform programme design for the follow on work from the current project – UNEP’s Sudan Integrated Environment Programme (SIEP) which draws to a conclusion in 2013.

The project has a major emphasis on integrating different components of environmental programming. This is done firstly so that UNEP’s work would support Sudan’s government increasing the internal complementarity of the sector and secondly to increase the impact of the SIEP by taking environmental approaches from across the programme to share with partners on each component. We welcome your feedback: please contact Brendan.bromwich@unep.org