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Dr Muawia Shaddad Dr Muawia Shaddad heads the Sudanese Environment Conservation Society (SECS), an environmental NGO with over 100 branches in Sudan and a key UNEP partner

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August 2012, Sudan –Demand for domestic energy has been highly affected by the displacement and rapid urbanisation resulting from the Darfur crisis. The collection and trade in woodfuel is a major dynamic in livelihoods of displaced, urban and rural communities. While promoting fuel-efficient stoves has been an important humanitarian response, this study looks beyond stoves and explores alternative options for domestic energy in Darfur. The report reviews the social, economic, environmental and policy contexts for domestic energy, and then reviews existing programming alongside what has been achieved in other similar contexts. Solar cooking, liquid petroleum gas (LPG), biogas, biomass briquettes and fuel efficient stoves are compared for domestic energy while a separate analysis is made for improving energy efficiency of brick kilns. The report concludes with practical recommendations for programme design to support this sector.

This review, undertaken by ProAct Network, is based on extensive background research, consultations and field missions. The report was commissioned by UNEP as part of a series of studies identified by a group of UN, NGOs, donors and civil society who established an informal working group (ENTEC) to promote the environmental technology in Darfur. Other studies have looked at LPG use, trade in timber and woodfuel and the promotion of alternative construction technology. www.unep.org/sudan for more details.