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Dr Hamid Omer Ali A Senior Water Resource consultant with UNEP, Dr Hamid Omer Ali has over 30 years experience in Sudan's water sector

Water programmes need attention on water resource management in addition to work on supply. In Sudan, UNEP is supporting the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources in their implementation of Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM).

IWRM is an internationally renowned approach that promotes:

  • Management of the whole resource on a catchment basis; integrating domestic, agricultural, industrial and environmental needs rather than considering each demand in isolation;
  • Participatory processes with representation of water users;
  • Emphasising the role of women in water management; and
  • Balancing economic efficiency, ecosystem sustainability and social equity (the three e’s).

UNEP’s efforts to ensure the wide adoption of IWRM combine influence, both at the level of policy and institutions, and in promoting these approaches in practical projects. Details of approaches to IWRM can be found in the Glocal Water Partnership Toolbox.

This ranges from supporting research into surface and groundwater resource sustainable use, to encouraging donors and the international aid community to perform environmental impact assessments of water infrastructure projects and to prepare contingency and prevention plans for flood and drought.

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