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Dr Hamid Omer Ali A Senior Water Resource consultant with UNEP, Dr Hamid Omer Ali has over 30 years experience in Sudan's water sector

In 2010, a knowledge exchange between Sudanese and South African water engineers and decision makers resulted in significant government support in Sudan for the concept of Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM).

The tours, arranged in conjunction with the South African Water Research Commission, gave senior Sudanese officials concrete examples of how to tackle the sustainable development, allocation and monitoring of water resources.

In May 2010, UNEP arranged for water engineers from the Darfur states and national departments to visit South Africa to review drought management strategies in the Eastern and Southern Cape. The tour yielded valuable lessons and potential areas for collaboration and prompted the development of a shared vision across the Darfuri water sector. It also created major political support for IWRM to the extent that UNEP was asked to plan a follow-up visit for high-level stakeholders to improve their understanding of water-security issues and potential solutions.

Thus in November, UNEP led a delegation of senior Sudanese government officials on a second study tour to South Africa which included presentations on such topics as sustainable water supply; coordination mechanisms between government departments and the effects of climate change; as well as discussions on water laws and policies in South Africa; and visits to ranches and citrus farms to view irrigation facilities and meet with farmers and irrigators.


In early 2011, the State Minister of the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources requested UNEP to support their work in promoting IWRM as a national policy and practice.

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