UNEP is making an open call to suitable organizations to supply externally paid personnel to UNEP for work on UNEP teams in the field for up to 18 months. These organizations may be governments, non-governmental organizations, foundations, educational or technical institutes or companies. The call is open to organizations only, not individuals. The supplied personnel will be hosted by UNEP but they need to be financed by the supplying organization.

UNEP needs experienced technical and field management personnel to join several existing UNEP teams in Haiti, Sudan, Afghanistan, DR Congo and similar hardship duty stations. Each open position has specific terms of reference and selection of the candidates will be a joint exercise between UNEP and the participating agency.

The skill sets needed include renewable energy, development aid planning and coordination, hydrology, ecology and environmental management systems and environmental impact assessment (EIA).

The roles typically focus on working within a UNEP, national government and partner organization consortium to deliver technical studies, build local capacity and to develop and mobilize major projects. Given the operating conditions in these countries, appropriate language skills, a tolerance of hardship and a flexible attitude are major assets.

The details are provided in the following note:

- UNEP 2012-13 Call to Member States and other organizations for nominations of gratis personnel, June 2012