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Wafalme - Kidz 4 Kidz in HaitiWafalme - Kidz 4 Kidz in Haiti

After the earthquake hit Haiti, some street-children in from the slums in Nairobi felt they should do something to support children in Haiti, now living in conditions as bad as and even worse than th ...

Videograms from Rwanda: Poverty and EnvironmentVideograms from Rwanda: Poverty and Environment

Inspiring and enriching examples of ecosystem restoration in Rwanda.

Escaping Floods- MozambiqueEscaping Floods- Mozambique

All along the banks of the Zambezi, vulnerable populations are being moved to resettlement sites, where they are safe from the floods but no longer have access to their farms and livelihoods. Rebuild ...

Breathing Hope into KabulBreathing Hope into Kabul

Toxic car fumes and heavy dependency on firewood are fast becoming a significant problem in Kabul.Residents rely on firewood for their basic needs, heating construction and cooking. This leads to emi ...

Sudan Post ConflictSudan Post Conflict

A Post Conflict Environment Assessment Report.


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